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RELAX, I’ll Take it from here.

I’ve always been a problem solver. If I had to recount my earliest years as a creative I would first tell you about After School Matters. As a teenager this apprenticeship program opened the doors to a world of art and media. This was a good time to be coming of age as an artist. Commonplace technology exploded and social media became a global phenomenon. Tools for creative expression become more accessible than ever.

It was not enough to study fundamentals of design or paint in a studio. But these foundational studies in art and design led me to advanced courses in photography, video production, and even motion graphics. In 2013 earned my B.A. from Bradley University with Applied Excellence in  Interactive Media.  I took classes in Hollywood from working professionals in Directing, Post Production & Editing, and Line Producing.

Clients come to me because I tackle challenges small business face everyday – leveraging media to grow audiences and grow their business. From producing creative media — photography, graphics (print and digital), commercials and YouTube videos — to marketing strategy and branding. I’ll make your product irresistible.

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FURY Music Video


Gold Point Studio’s first project benefits local hip-hop artist Samantha Jordan aka FURY. Music video production was wrapped on June 11th and we are seeking funding through July 5, 2018. Take a peek at our campaign, donate, and share!

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