Zack Sievers


Director | Researcher | Concept Developer

Zack Sievers takes a multidisciplinary approach to collaborative filmmaking that is grounded in the research work he's done in Philosophy (MA Villanova University, MA Brock University, BA Bradley University) and the work he's done in Political Science (BA Bradley University). Sievers takes an approach to creative collaboration which places the art of being responsible about intention alongside the value of inclusion. Sievers' perspective on collaboration is informed by his professional experience and continuing work in politics, community organization, and international collaboration.


His recent works in film include writing and production managing the award-winning short film "Golden Voices" (2018) which was recently featured at Heartland's international Indy Shorts film festival (2019), co-directing an education video with Grace Pisula for NSF funded for the Stem For All Video Showcase (2019), directing the international project "Haptic Cinematography" (2017) which was produced in Ljubjana, Slovenia and four U.S. cities (Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Peoria) and creating educational documentaries for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health on topics of Postpartum Depression (2016) and Fatherhood (2017).