Sweat Local: Our Community Project


Our Mission

  • To move neighbors and friends to action in their communities - to inspire all to get out of our cars and homes, away from our phones and computers, and into our parks, gardens, and streets.

  • To create and curate local art and culture experiences as a form of celebration and to recognize local talent.

  • To stimulate economic growth by featuring local businesses and educating others on the benefits of biking as a method to discover places they never knew existed, even in their own backyard!

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Annual Garden Gallery Pop-Up Event

Garden Gallery is a backyard summer eve exhibition where we invite artists, community leaders, and local businesses to meet, mingle, and celebrate their neighborhood through an appreciation of art and culture.

“There’s not a whiff of pretension, there are so many mediums represented, and everyone interacts with each other! You never see that at pop up galleries. It’s got a homey energy that reminds you of why the organic passion of artistic creation exists in the first place.”
— James Abud @abud_a_band
“Garden Gallery is an incredible mix of local music and art! It’s a great representation of the creative spirit in Chicago.”
— Samantha Jordan @FURYhiphop