Grace Pisula

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Director | Cinematographer | Editor

Grace Pisula had been a one-woman arthouse since 2012 until starting Gold Point Studio. Grace has 11 years experience as a still photographer and 7 years as a filmmaker. Grace founded Gold Point Studio with the belief that thoughtful creative processes and collaboration are key to every stage of production. Grace has completed work for companies such as MTV, Paramount Pictures, EX3 Labs, and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Grace is a founding member of Chicago’s original living history escape game company Escape Artistry, and serves as the Technical Director at Women of The Now. Grace studied Interactive Media, Photography, and Business Management at Bradley University.


FreeGeek Chicago | Director, Cinematographer

How to Play a Room Escape | Director, Photographer, Animator, Editor

The Invisible | Director of Photography, Editor, Technician

St. Jane Metamorphosis | Colorist

Golden Voices | Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist, VFX

Shoe Fest 2019 | Director, Cinematographer, Editor

PEAS | Director of Photography

Afternoon Snatch | Director of Photography, Colorist

Women’s March Chicago | Editor and Motion Type Designer

Last Train to Linden | Director of Photography, Editor