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NAC is a non-profit grassroots volunteer group from all walks of life, ages, professions, and neighborhoods. They believe that Arts and Culture are a vital and unique part of the toolkit for thriving communities. NAC identifies creative ways to support our local talent in a way that distinguishes our area of the city and elevates our neighborhoods as a lively, vibrant cultural destination. Their work helps position them as liaisons between local artists and political, cultural, and social institutions so that together they can all facilitate and foster this cultural transformation on the Northwest Side of Chicago.


Northwest Arts Connection needed help communicating its mission to the communities it serves. Gold Point Studio partnered with NAC to document its community projects and events, and to help audiences visualize the organization’s mission to¬†foster creative placemaking, a process where the public, private and community partners strategically shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood through arts and cultural activities.

GPS founder and CEO Grace Pisula currently sits as the production chair of Northwest Arts connection, serving as a consultant of all things media. Grace helped to develop NAC’s summer performance series Moods and Foods, and regularly creates print materials for marketing NAC events.



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