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Escape Artistry is dedicated to producing immersive, imaginative, and innovative room escapes. Guests are given 60 minutes to work together, find the clues, solve the riddle, get the key, and escape. Escape Artistry offers story-driven puzzles that teach audiences about the world, the room, and the people in it, even yourself! They work with local artists and organizations, and foster a community that values education, curiosity, creative problem solving, tolerance, and empathy.


Escape Artistry reached out to Gold Point Studio looking for a website developer. The new company also needed a brand and logo design. We started with some brand developing tools to come up with ideas on color and styles they liked.  GPS worked with the lead designer of the company to conceptualize and illustrate a fresh logo and accompanying graphic materials with which a new site was built.

After that, the company needed videos and photography for their immersive escape games. GPS utilized video, design, and animated graphics to build out the interactive elements of all six of Escape Artistry’s escape games. The video and animation assets were then used again to create a plethora of marketing materials for the website and social media.



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